Monday, June 7, 2010

And deeper we go

With two big full hands of water I splashed my face clearing away ten solid days of disgusting mess. I don't think water was even splashed on me this entire trip. Just yesterday the last of us had returned from Widespread at the Redrocks. I had been either sleeping on the ground or stuffed into the back of an Isuzu four runner. My arms and face were tanned with dirt and grim soaked into my clothes and hair. I was bathing an a wild creek in the northwestern Montana with five people I didn't know. There was father and his two daughters and also a couple laying together on an inflatable raft. The sun cut through the trees and reflected on the water creating bouncing diamonds all around me. The current was just strong enough that if I lifted my feet from the sand below that it would take me down stream slowly in the waist high water. The tall line of trees on either side of the creek hung in over the water as if shielding it from the sun. It was nearly mid day and as I lay there serenely basking in the cool water I thought to myself about how they called it big sky country, cause somehow the sky could seem so close you could touch it and at the same time go forever in the distance in all directions. I stood up from the water and walk naked to the shore where my towel and other things are. After dressing I walk out of the sparse forest surrounding the creek towards the valley. As I look on into the high hills on either sides of the narrow valley I see people in small groups scattered everywhere all over the side of the hill. Some just laying in the sun enjoying its warmth and couples are laying together on blankets. A mother and children chasing each other through the tall grass of the clearing ahead of me. As I walk barefoot, I hold my sandles and hat in my hands and my shirt and towel neatly folded and under my arm. Im wearing sunglasses and my mid neck lenth dreadlocks are tied loosly back on my head. As I make my way into the clearing i see a great line of people walking in both directions. This is like the main road of our weird gigantic town. One direction leads to the dirt road that will take you back to civilization and what not while the other leads you deeper into the gathering. People are all over the clearing doing yoga and hoola hooping and just sitting together and smoking and talking. I make my way into the crowd and join the traffic heading back into the forest and twords camp. On the out skitrs of the forest there are different camps with four or five tents of all shapes and sizes all surrounding there own camp fire or sharing with a close neighbor. As i passed everyone I marveled at the different things every one was going to occupy them selves. People were sleeping in the grass or cooking or playing music. everyone seemed to be enjoying the relaxing day.