Monday, March 8, 2010


Creativity is a very tricky thing. It comes when it wants to and is no where to be found other times. Sometimes you sit there with a pen and a pad or a computer and just stare at the blankness like if you sit there long enough the dam will burst and suddenly you ll be fucking Shakespeare for an hour. Some times you try to push it with forms of inspiration like drugs or maybe a brisk walk in the park if your John Denver. Sometimes I catch myself laying in bed and thinking to myself about what Im gunna do the next day. Like Im gunna get up and write or play guitar or even exercise. Sometimes though when you laying in bed or walking or staring off into space at work you honestly have a genius fucking idea. You can always tell those cause you get a little tingle up the back of your neck and you may even get a chill. I think thats what the word epiphany must be reserved for. Ideas like that. I really love social networking cause you get to have a glimpse of other peoples attempts at deep thought. Ive noticed that some people cant conceive a single original thing about them. From the quotes to the pictures people use to represent them, some people dont have a shred of originality. Im not saying Im original or its my place to throw stones. Im the first person to tell you that all I am as a person is just a collection of other peoples bullshit mixed with a tad of my own. Id like to think that everyone has the ability to be creative in some for or another but its hard to do that. People make it hard to believe that everyone has the same potential. Are some people destined for mediocrity? Maybe its even a genetic fate that cannot be avoided. Alot of famous peoples children are famous too. Im sure this has entirely to do with money than creativity. I mean think of Julian Lennon for god sakes. There are anomalies though.Some people can waste their entire lives in the persute of innovation. Some people however can throw their lives away doing nothing then one day they will be standing there with their finger in their nose and suddenly bam they invent facebook or soap on a rope. What kind of parameters are required for a super good idea. What kind of ingredients do I have to throw in the pot here. Holy shit I think I just had my super idea. Im gunna teach my dog to laugh at her own farts.

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