Sunday, March 7, 2010

So Ive decided to Blog.

What is someone Else's ideas worth to you? How well do you remember someone Else's stories when they share them? Sometimes I try to think to myself about one person that I know pretty well. Then I try to think about how much I know about them and their life. How much of you is comprised of stories and lessons learned from other peoples lives. I think for some people their parents must make the biggest impact if they're willing to share. If your smart and if you can, maybe you ll use this as an opportunity cause I know I didn't. I think its important to take what you can from others even if you don't like them. Sometimes its the people you like the least that you can learn the most from, especially if you think you hate them. I just like to think about what comprises who I am. I mean your mind, in my opinion is like a limitless bowl that can never be filled. How much of the bowls contents are your personal experiences? How much of it are stories from other lessons learned from daytime TV or movies or even a song or novel? I think there is a balance we have to maintain here between your own personal experiences and the ones we allow into our interest. I think it would be convenient if we came with a filter to censor out some of the bullshit. It would be interesting to find out the storage capacity on the human brain. Id hate to find out I maxed my shit out with to many episodes of Tim and Eric when I could have been listening to classical music or something. This right here is why people find religion so very important. They don't know what they should fill their bowl with. But who does really anyway?

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